Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I set a plan for my 40th year on this planet to include more adventures, and to see more of my people while having these adventures! This past weekend was one of these adventure days, and it could not have gone more wrong.

I've been kayaking twice in my life, both times in Hawaii with my very-boat-savvy husband. I had a great time on both occasions, but I felt like I relied very heavily on the husband's knowledge to get me through the tricky bits (ocean kayaking is both awesome and nerve wracking!). So I wanted to kayak on my own, or at least with someone who had a similar level of experience as me. So basically none.

Enter Kellie and her fantastic idea to do 40@40: our marvelous day of kayaking and oysters was born!

We launch our adventure from Kellie's house at omg-what-time-is-it?! o'clock. After a drive and chatting we arrive at our destination: Bluewater Kayak on Tomales Bay. It's gorgeous out. The wind is ruffling the water and the sky is a clear deep blue. We are so ready to go.

And then... we didn't. The weather that morning was changing rapidly, with stronger winds expected shortly. The experts at Bluewater decided to cancel all kayaking endevours due to safety concerns.

Safety?! We wanted adventure! Screw safety! ...And then we walked out to the end of the dock and felt the already-strong winds, and looked at the already-really-choppy water and went: Oh.

So we listened to the experts and didn't kayak as newbs in conditions that were dodgy.

Plan B! We headed down to Stinson Beach to have (second) breakfast and a glorious walk along the water. I'd never been before and it was completely pleased to wander the beach and watch silly doggies race from the water to their people and back again in doggy abandon.

After toodling around for a bit we got back in the car to head to the Hog Island Oyster Company, where we were going to gobble some delicious oysters and cocktails. Because cocktails.

As we approached the restaurant, we saw flashing lights on the road. Not a half mile before our destination, there had been a hillside collapse - a tree and most of a hill was in the road! We asked the cop if it was possible to get around somehow, and he jokingly said swim. And then relented and said there was another way around, back the way we came.

So off we trundled, following iffy directions and losing cell service for most of the drive. After a bit of urp-inducing winding roads, we stopped to asked a roadside veggie vendor if they had more detailed directions for us and maybe an estimate for how long it would take.

They were absolutely horrified at what the cop had told us and very firmly stated yes, you could get around via other highways, but it was going to take another 2 hours that way.

Our reservations were looming, not half an our away. We clearly were not going to make it.

Plan B #2! Fine! Tomales Bay had left us bereft of both kayaking AND oysters, so screw that! We're going to San Francisco and having amazing pizza. SO THERE!

We drove over the Golden Gate, getting some of the best views of the bridge and the City I've seen in a long time. We ventured into North Beach to go to Tony's. Tony, a fellow East Bayer, apparently won the world championship of pizza in Italy, so you know it was going to be good.

And it was. I may have felt like exploding at the end, but I regret nothing. NOTHING I TELL YOU!

After a small side trip to a cheese shop (because CHEEEEEESE), we headed home from our day of missed-adventures.

I kinda think it was a test from the Universe to see how committed I am to this adventure idea. Because plans are well and good, but adventures very often take you to unexpected places, and how you cope with them basically defines if you had an adventure, or a shitty day. I prefer adventures, honestly.

I had an awesome day! I caught up with one of my oldest friends! I got to see new and marvelous parts of California I have never seen before! I got to eat damn good food! And I got to laugh about it all for most of the day.

So come on, Adventure: bring it.